5 Things You Should Know About Your Relationship With Coffee

 Does your day begin when your alarm wakes you up, and you first open your eyes or does your day begin after your first cup of coffee? Most people would argue the latter. Whether you are a 4cups-in-before-you walk-out-the-door kind of a coffee drinker, or maybe you enjoy the occasional latte with a friend, coffee is something that the majority of the world enjoys and even indulges in. Whatever your level of obsession with this magically brewed beverage, there are some simple facts about coffee that you should know.

1. It’s Not What It Seems

Everybody knows that coffee is brewed from coffee beans, right? Actually, the part of the plant that is roasted and ground to make your coffee is a seed, the pit of a red fruit called a coffee cherry. These seeds resemble beans and have been confused in the past. The two most popular coffee seed variations in the world are Cofee Arabica and Coffee Robusta, you should know which seed you prefer to get the most enjoyment out of your coffee.

2. It’s Not Exclusive

If you ever feel like you are pretty exclusive in your coffee infatuation, think again. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on Earth, only behind oil. Coffee is consumed in every continent and country, with approximately 148 million 60kg bags produced in 2015/16. Finland, Norway and the Netherlands are said to have the highest coffee consumption in the world. The US ranks 22 on the list. Turns out, more people all over the world have a close relationship with coffee than the most avid American coffee lover.


3. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Have you ever thought that the color of your coffee was directly related to the amount of caffeine per cup? Many people have said that the darker roasts have more caffeine, and some the opposite. The reality is, you can’t just coffee by it’s color. For example, although French and Italian dark roasts may have a stronger, more robust flavor, that doesn’t mean they also have more caffeine. In this category, you should know how much caffeine is in each cup, not depending on the judgement of the coffee tint to tell you. Your preference will be determined by if you would rather have the bold taste of coffee or the energizing benefits, just be sure to note that the caffeine level changes minimally with the change in roast color.


4. You May Get More (Or Less) Than You Bargained For

Many people tend to have a strict preference when it comes to coffee brands. The roast, the flavor, and the ambiance of the coffee shop all play a role in our brand loyalty. Yet there is more to note about a coffee shop than who has a better playlist, wifi connection, or fancy titled cup sizes. The coffee itself is different depending on the cafè, and so is the caffeine level. Starbucks dark roast, for example, contains 195 mg of caffeine per 12 oz and Seattle’s Best has 260mg for their dark roast per 12 oz. Remember when you are deciding where to go for that cup of joe, that each brand has their own definition of what each type of brew and drink is. So if you think you’re just going for a classic coffee or a fancier macchiato, you may be in for a lot more, or less, caffeine than you initially imagined.


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