5 types of skirts every fashionista should own

Skirts are a staple in the closets of those who fancy themselves as “fashionistas”. Many shy away from skirts, though, because they simply don’t know how, where or when to wear them, and they certainly don’t know what to wear them with. The world of skirts can be an intimidating one, but once you get down the basics, it’s cake. For starters, there are some skirts every fashionista should own because they are statement pieces, yet are versatile enough for you to play around with.

Skirt language can seem foreign to many of us, with so many different shapes, styles, and names for all the different types. BFL makes a handy-dandy chart of many different skirts, but even with this, there is so much to know. Instead of rushing down to the mall and getting every style, pattern, size, and shape of skirt, you can stick to the must-have basic styles for now, and find which skirt styles you like best. Here are a few of my favorites:


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  1. Mini Leather Skirt

It’s a bold piece that you can flaunt as a sexy little number on a night on the town, or it’s a skirt you can pair with a pure white, comfy sweater for a more casual take. However you choose to wear your leather or pleather mini skirt, you’ll definitely be turning heads.

  2. Accordion/Pleated Skirts

Skirts with panels are called accordion or pleated style, and they are great for comfortable days and evenings out. These skirts are long, and trending big right now, but also have a timeless appeal. Pair these skirts with a thick coat and tall heeled boots for cold days, or a loose sweater or T-shirt, and an open-toed shoe for warmer days.


3. Suede Button Front Skirt

Suede is back big time, and these from button skirts are everywhere you look, and for good reason. They are flattering on almost every body type and so easy to pair with just about everything. Thick, baggy sweaters, light t-shirts, and thin turtlenecks all find their match with these suede button front skirts. These are a must-have for stylish wardrobes. 

4. Denim Mini Skirt

It may try for a while to leave, but the denim mini skirt always finds its way back around. Denim mini skirts are timelessly adorable, and whether they are paired with tights, thigh high boots, and a jacket for cold days, or you flaunt bare legs for warmer days, denim mini skirts are a style every fashionista should keep a hold of. 

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