5 Ways Yoga can improve your life

  1. Yoga can calm your mental state

Is it anxiety you’re dealing with? Most of us deal with anxiety on some level. Whether it’s stress from school, work, relationships, or some other problem you’re facing, yoga’s mental practice can calm your mind and ease anxiety. Additionally, the physical act of practicing yoga can cause you to feel happier and less anxious.

2. Yoga can improve your posture

Sitting all day at a desk, long commutes to and from work, spending all day on a computer and cell phone can leave you feeling cramped, stiff and have a negative effect on your posture. Many poses in yoga teach you to look up towards the sky, stretch your neck and back muscles that are often forgotten about, and improves your overall posture and the way you carry yourself.

3. Yoga Increases Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is often considered a workout that is relaxing, soothing, and slow. However, yoga is an amazingly effective workout for strengthening your muscles, and giving your body overall tone and endurance. Many poses practiced in yoga are held for a long period of time, increasing your stamina, your heart rate, and are tiring for your muscles. When practiced consistently, you should notice an improvement in your muscle strength and physical appearance. Many yoga poses also improving your flexibility because of the unique poses your body is not used to doing, and over time your body will learn to stretch and move with more ease and gracefulness.

4. Yoga Increases your blood flow and heart health

Yoga classes are typically 30-60 minutes long. The workouts are designed to ease your body and mind into a workout and then ease them back out. Yoga is a healthy way to get your heart rate up and get your cardio fill for the day. The many monuments increases the blood flow through your body, making it the perfect workout before and/or after work. and also allow yourself to rest. Hot yoga sessions can also help you sweat, ridding your body of toxins and increasing your heart rate even more.

5. Yoga can be the start of living a healthier lifestyle

Yoga sets itself apart from other workouts because it is not just another day at the gym, grinding through the week, trying to get your calories burned and your muscles toned. Although burning calories, strengthening muscles, and improving your heart rate are all a benefit of yoga, the overall practice is designed to improve your lifestyle to be healthier and more sustainable for your future. To consistently choose to show up to classes, you set yourself up for physical and mental success. By joining a studio, you’re linking up to a network of other “yogi’s”, finding a new hobby, and challenging yourself each time you practice. When you start your day off with a workout or at least attend a class a few times a week, you are preparing your body and mind to create a better lifestyle. Each class has something different to offer, and if you follow your yoga sessions with a good diet, healthy relationship habits and improving your mental state, you may find that yoga is the perfect way to improve your life.

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