What to do when you’ve forgotten a gift on Valentines Day

When you have someone special in your life, it can be hard to sum up all of your affections for them in one day, but V-Day sure is a great time  Valentines Day certainly is not a make it or break it day for your relationship, but if you forget to get your Significant other something sweet, it can turn this day from a lovers celebration into a lovers quarrel. If Valentines Day snuck up on you this year, it’s not too late to show him or her how much you care for them. Here are some last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for when this day might have slipped your brain.


Valentines Day is on a Wednesday this year, and it’s not easy to go shopping for a romantic gift in the middle of your work week. Yet, with all the advertisements in storefronts, TV, radio and online, it’s also not hard to miss this bright red holiday. Even still, time can get away from us and we can easily forget a gift. It’s important to remember that your special someone only wants to know that you love and care for them, so how you show it is up to you.


1. Her favorite flowers

A bouquet of 100 red roses isn’t necessarily the only way to show your girl you love her, instead get her a flower that is her favorite. This shows he that you’ve paid attention to what he/she loves. If all you do is get her flowers, it’s safe to say you’ve remembered her this day and that you care for her. A cute little note with them telling her how special that person is to you is an added bonus.


2. Their favorite Treat

If your S.O. loves chips and salsa but hates chocolate (or if they are on a health diet/cleanse) instead of getting that sugary red-colored thing they don’tt even want, get their favorite snack, or a latte from their favorite coffee shop.


3. Spend time with them

Is your girlfriends favorite thing to do yoga? Go with her to a class. Do he love animals but you can’t stand them? Take him to the zoo or to go horseback riding. There’s nothing that says “I love you” more than spending the whole day showing it. If you didn’t get them a gift, let them know that you love them by showing them a great day.


4. Make plans for the future

Dinner reservations on Valentines Day are usually packed up, and so expensive. If you forgot a gift, don’t go scrambling to try and make dinner reservations at the best restaurant in town, it’s not going to happen. Instead, make a reservation for this weekend, or cook a romantic meal at home paired with his/her favorite red wine. Don’t cook? That’ll make it even more special to show your special someone that you are trying your best to show your love.

5. Tell them how you feel

If you’ve forgotten a gift this Valentines Day, then the best way to go is to tell them how you feel. All your special someone wants to know is that you love and care for them, and that is something all the gifts in the world can not replace.

6. Look really good

When all else fails, there’s nothing that makes an apology better than lookin your best. Better to arrive late, then ugly, right? Red is a sexy, and bold color tthat makes it’s debut every February 14th. Here’s my Valentines Day look for some fashion inspo on this romantic day.



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