7 Fool Proof Reasons you should own a cat

1. They are loyal
I know people have always said that dogs are a man’s best friend, but have you ever seen how loyal a cat can be? Cats usually get attached to their owners, and stick by their side. Your cat will come to you when it’s in need of a good cuddle and a pet, or when it’s in a curious mood and needs a playmate. If you’re looking for a lifetime friend, a cat is the way to go.
2. They are litter trained
Cats are easy to potty train and don’t require a large yard, long walks or a whole lot of clean up. Simply hide your litter box somewhere out of site, and the cat keeps your job easy. When getting a pet, clean up is definitely something to think about, and cat’s are low maintenance in this arena.
3. They don’t need much bathing
Cats are largely independent when it comes to hygiene. They’ll spend much of their day lounging and licking themselves, leaving you with not too much work to do. Every so often, your kitty will need to go into the bath for a little refresher, and the experience is a hilarious experience.
4. They are good for your health
Studies have shown that owning a pet can increase your mental health by giving you a joyful presence and a companion. Additionally, sharing space with a pet has been shown to increase immunity, decrease stress and ward off invaders such as bugs and rodents.
5. They can be left alone, or travel along with you
Having a pet can be difficult amidst a busy work and social life. Schedules jam-packed having you gone for hours, days, even weeks at a time. If you do have to travel a lot, cats are easy to carry along with you on the journey, or pass off to a friend to watch for a small period of time. The most difficult part about leaving them won’t be their maintenance and care, but simply that you miss them.
6. They live a long time
It can be difficult and tragic to invest your time and love into a pet, and to only have him or her for a few years. Cats can be a lifelong friend, living up to 20 years! With proper care and diet, cats can live to be your best pal through decades. After all that time, they’ll probably end up feeling like your baby.
7. They will be the best part of your day
All cats have their unique quirks and personality and are guaranteed to brighten your day. Whether they do something cute like crawl onto your laptop keyboard while you are working or cuddle into your lap on the couch, they are a sure fire way to make your smile brighter and your life full. Cat’s are arguably the cutest pets you can own, and who can say no to an adorable, fluffy kitten?

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