Don’t face fall without these skin moisturizers

Warmer temps usually mean a vacation for your skin. Plenty of sunlight gives you a warm glow, and the warm air keeps your skin moisturized with less effort. The colder months often tell a different tale for your skin. By the time Fall comes around you will probably experience dry, cracking and red skin from the dryer air, more frequent winds, and crisper temps. This Fall, don’t feel like you have to just deal with it, there are plenty of amazing ways and products that will prevent dry skin, to keep your face and body smooth, soft and supple all fall and winter long.


  1. Moisturizing Toner

You may think toner is only for wiping sweat, dirt, and grime or cleaning your skin from oil and acne, but there’s more to it. This fall, don’t skimp on toner. It actually helps to seal the pores and create a more balanced complexion and, if you get the right kind, can hydrate your skin. Context has a wet and deeply hydrating formula and an after effect of cooling and refreshing citrus scent. SK-II carries a lotion toner that comes with a smooth texture and doubles as a moisturizing toner.


2. Hydrating Eye Cream

Eye creams must not be forgotten during the Fall. If you are someone who typically slaps any old moisturizer onto your skin and doesn’t use a designated eye cream, I urge you to reconsider. The skin under your eyes is particularly sensitive to dryness and much of aging and wrinkles is caused by dryness. Use a hydrating eye cream after cleansing and before bed to keep the bags at bay and the wrinkles from coming too soon.

3. Intensive Face Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizer for fall, you want something that will hydrate deep, last all day through harsh winds and long nights. Re-applying throughout the day is a good rule to follow. Try to apply after cleanser and do not go to bed without moisturizing. Be generous and use a circular motion to ensure the moisturizer blends into your skin. Don’t stop at the jaw: spread the moisturizer down your neck and to your decollete, especially if you will be wearing a knit or wool sweater- two fabrics that are harsh on the skin.


4. Powerful Chapstick

Your lips will usually show the first signs of Fall. Your lips move constantly throughout the day and are largely exposed to the harsh winds. Dry lips stand no chance in the fall. Prevent redness and cracking by having a chapstick on hand. A good rule of thumb is to keep one in your car, purse, makeup bag… basically anywhere you may be so you always have one handy. Choose something with a coconut oil or olive oil base, with vitamin enriched and no fragrance unless it is natural. Steer clear from petroleum-based chapsticks as these dry out the skin more in the long term.


5. Long-lasting Hand Cream

Dry and cracking hands are a common skin ailment that occurs in the Fall. Keep a small hand cream in your purse or at your work at desk. Re-apply after washing hands, and try not to use too much soap or too hot of water- both of which dry out the skin. Go easy on the hand sanitizers on the tops of your skin, as the area around the knuckles is usually the first to crack.

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