7 Outdoor Workouts to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape is a continual practice, something that should be done weekly, and for some, even daily. To stay in shape and active, your body will reap the short term and long term benefits, but it is something that has to be done consistently. Working out in the gym can be uninspiring and get old after a while. It is good for your body and mind to mix things up a bit. To add some spice to your workout routine, and embrace the beautiful Spring that has just sprung, try these effective outdoor workouts to enjoy nature and keep being in shape fun and interesting.


  1. Running

It may be obvious to some, but many people run on treadmills instead of trails. If you’ve never sought out a good outdoor trail, laced up, and enjoyed a long nature jog, I urge you to try it. Running outside can increase your lung function and teach your body how to keep its endurance in different altitudes and weather. Running outdoors on trails can also boost your endorphins and leave you feel inspired and refreshed after a run as opposed to a stationary treadmill.

2. Lunges

Lunges are a great exercise for your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Doing lunges outdoors gives you much more space to keep going than in a gym. This is one of the most effective bikini-body ready exercise because it targets your legs and glutes but also keeps your cardio up.

3. Stairs

Find some stairs in a city near you and go there early in the morning before anyone else does. Running stairs is a great workout for those who don’t have time to do cardio and strength workouts in the same day because stairs increases your endurance while strengthening your legs and glute muscles. Get creative with the stairs by skipping every other one, or by doing lunges and jump squats up them.

4. Find a bench

It’s impressive how many variations of workouts you can do on a bench! Head to a park or on a trail and get creative! On a bench you can do single leg squats, upside down pushups, tricep dips side knee ups, and jump squats. This is a perfect way to break up your run and still get some strength training while working on your cardio.

5. Yoga

Whether you find an outdoor class, or simply go it solo, yoga is great practiced outdoors. In a quiet spot and nature, use your yoga mat (or not) and you’ll find it is extremely peaceful to practice yoga outside instead of a crowded room. Yoga is great for clearing our minds, remaining grounded and staying in shape, so an outdoor yoga session can be even more enjoyable outdoors.



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