These Amazing Benefits of Yoga Will Inspire You to Get Moving Every Day

  1. Stress Relief

Exercising is a commonly known, effective, and natural form of stress relief. According to the Mayo Clinic (1), “exercise in almost every form can act as a stress reliever” because physical activity pumps endorphins, improves your mood, and can aid in boosted metabolism and burning calories. Yoga is a mind-body practice, it is designed to strengthen and your mind both, not just your body. The joining of mental and physical exercises are tremendous for reducing stress (2).

2. Weight Loss and Muscle Building

There are many different kinds of yoga that you can take part in. Yoga classes run from usually 45-minutes to one hour of straight movement. The teacher will incorporate poses that require balance, strength, mobility, and sometimes even intense muscle burning! “Sculpt” classes incorporate weights, upping your workout to burn more calories and build more muscle. Studies show that yoga practice may help you tone muscle and improve your metabolism (3).

4. Mood-Boosting and Mental Clarity

As you begin to move your body, endorphins pump through your body and your mood improves. This change in your mental state paired with focusing on one simple task can change your mindset. A good Yoga class almost always begins with your instructor telling you to leave your troubles outside of that room and off your mat. So much stress builds up in our day and can cause us to feel chaotic, but the meditation that yoga leads you into paired with the physical movement is the perfect recipe for boosting your mood and clearing your mind.

5. Clearer Skin

Acne is often caused by high-stress levels, and yoga can help relieve stress big time. Hot yoga classes will get your sweating, opening up your pores and flushing out any clogged pores. On top of clearing out your anxiety, there are specific yoga poses that you can do to clear your skin, improve your digestion (which can help you prevent breakouts), and balance your hormones (4).


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