Amazon Prime Day Must-Haves

Amazon has quickly become one of my favorite browsing sites! It has anything and everything, I can have my items in a day or two MAX and can even order my groceries when I’m heading back home from the airport! The most annoying thing is to finally settle in after a long trip only to have to get back in the car and head to the grocery store.

That’s why I get pretty excited when PRIME DAY comes around! It always has a deal on necessities AND I love the “watch deals” feature so I never miss a deal on the items I really like. New deals come up every % minutes but you don’t need to have crazy fast reflexes to take advantage.

I recommend you use the Amazon shopping app so you can watch the deals come in. You can even set up notifications for “watched deals” and “shipping notices” as if we don’t have enough notifications on our phone already but if you really want to be a smart shopper this is the play! If you truly want to stay ahead of the curve you can also use the site Camel Camel Camel, which in short is an amazon price tracker. It will send you alerts when watched items drop in price… helping you save $$$.

I ran through and picked some of my must-haves for the sale but make sure you browse the site for personal favorites of yours because there is SO MUCH!

**One thing to keep in mind is the lighting deals expire quickly so you have to purchase quickly or else the price returns to the original, full price.

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