Back for Summer: Red Gingham

Some patterns come and go for good, and some just seem to never leave. Gingham is one of those iconic patterns that will never truly go out of style. This fabric often mistaken for checkered is called “Gingham” and has a more interesting history than you might think. Coming from the Malayan word “genggang” meaning “striped”, this look was named when colored yarn was woven into uncolored yarn at its original design. The result was a striped/checkered look that wore this pattern on both sides. This popular style helped preserve fabrics as less was needed to create more, and was exported to Europe in the 18th century, where the economy was struggling.
Gingham quickly grew into popularity and became one of the most worn fabrics in the UK and US in during this period. Gingham continued to hang in closets for centuries, was faintly popular in the 1940’s and then boomed into popularity again in the 1950’s which lasted until the late 1670’s. Dresses, suits, skirts, bathing suits and more became covered in this gingham-style fabric in the 50’s where it earned it’s iconic Vintage reputation in the U.S. Any film from this era is sure to flaunt you this classic pattern where Hollywood ate it up. All over, women’s dresses that often came below the shoulder, over the knee, and in men’s button up shirts, later on, flaunted this look.

This summer, Gingham is back with new cuts and on-trend dresses with open-leg slits. Don’t be shy to wear a gingham patterned swimmy either, those are way in on the beaches this summer. Skirts, off the shoulder tops and even shoes, are all coming back, and we’re welcoming them with open arms. With baby blue still giving a vintage 50’s vibe, black and white gingham and red and white gingham our most popular favorites this season.

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