Bali, Indonesia

So where do you go after a very public breakup? Bali.

On the heels of my breakup with my ex-boyfriend, I felt like I wanted to run away and hide in a cave. I know everyone has experienced heartbreak but when your relationship ends and your significant other is plastered all over the tabloids, on television, on the Internet and on top of that, you share most of your friends with him, it is a nightmare! So naturally, I felt like running away. Now, I always say life or God or whatever higher being you believe in has a way of taking care of us so at the very moment that I completely ran out of tears and wanted to burn down my room because I was so tired of hiding out in it, my lovely friend Samantha calls me with a trip invitation. “I’m going to meet a couple of friends in Bali on the last leg of their trip around the world,” she says. I don’t think I even waited to get off the phone with her before I started booking my flight and Googling where we might stay. I was determined to get the heck out of the country and I did.

Little did I know how much this trip would help in the healing process but most importantly, bringing back to the forefront what is really important in life. I met some of the nicest and happiest people in that country and made lifelong memories. It almost took my mind off what was going on back home and what I was running away from and I am forever grateful for Samantha and her impeccable timing.



As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I looked back only to find the cutest building looking back at me, covered in plants from top to bottom, and it looked more like a temple than an airport.


I took a taxi to our hotel, which we decided was going to be in the Seminyak area of town and was immediately greeting with the warmest of smiles from the front desk staff. Sam and I decided to get a room that we would share and it was perfect! It had its own yard with a pool and a deck and the bathroom was outdoors which was spectacular. Once we settled and unpacked we headed into town to meet her other friend and start our dining experience in Bali.


First, I want you to know that nearly everyone in Bali speaks English and the few who do not make themselves understood with the kindest of gestures. We never had any problems getting around as taxis and scooters are prevalent there and inexpensive by American standards.

We went to as many parts of the island as we could possibly fit in before our departure seven days later. Now that might seem like a long vacation to some people, but it takes almost two days to get there so it wasn’t much time. I would definitely like to return and fully explore everything Indonesia has to offer (at least a couple weeks).

The places we did get to go were mind-blowing and the people I will say again were some of the happiest I have ever met. We ended up visiting Ubud, the monkey forest (my personal favorite), the rice fields, the beach towns and some cities. We got to see how traditional Balinese clothing is made and dyed and jewelry craftsmen were on almost ever street corner. Everything purchase started with some haggling and always ended with a warm smile 🙂 Did I mention how nice the people are there??

Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip and I hope to get an opportunity to go back soon and really explore Bali.


I love this picture because it’s such a good representation of how most families get around Bali. Look at them! So happy 🙂 Every time I see this picture it makes me smile.


The following pictures are from one of the temples we visited. They handed out robes at the front because you were not allowed to show your legs inside the temple and accepted any donations people would give. There was also a body of water that locals said had healing or fertility powers, I don’t remember as it was a while back but there were hundred of people in the water at one time. Inside the temple you could hear chanting everywhere and the smell was a mixture of flowers and incense. 








These pictures are from the monkey forest where I fell in love with a monkey that tried to steal my phone!








Here I was channeling Jane from the Jungle Book


This is at a very popular day/nightclub called Potato Head Beach Club.




This is from one of the resorts we went to have lunch at. I wish I could still remember the name.




This is were Sam and I became obsessed with the breakfast at the W hotel. We ate there everyday.




This is what the streets look like in parts of Bali.


These were my travel mates 🙂


This was a sunset party on the beach.


At our hotel

Beach Time!


Entrance to the W

At our hotel


Walking to breakfast in the rain.


This is sad but I found it washed up on the beach not knowing there was an animal inside I took it in the car and when I noticed there was a worm living in there we were too far from water to save it. It still makes me sad. I named him Stewie.


More from the beach!





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    November 29, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Hi Andreea, like your pictures so much, especially the one you were standing in the sunset 😉 here are are more pics than instagram.

    I spend my life travelling, your travel section attracts me a lot. I’m currently living in Brazil, I traveled a lot in Europe when I was younger, I was in love with all the historical architecture. Now, more and more I am appreciating the natural beauty, like mountains, lakes, etc. and I would like to share many good places to you. Are you interested in exploring Latin America? I heard it’s the best time to visit Uyuni (Bolivian Salt Lake) in Feburary. It would be the raining season, and it’s amazing and looks like a huge mirror, you could take so many amazing pics too! I would go if I could manage my work time =)

    All the Best!


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      December 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      that’s very cool! if you ever want to share your travel stories email me and ill post some. Im definitively going to check out south america soon.

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