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  1. Hannah W. says

    Exfoliating truly does wonders. I try to keep my product use cruelty free. I have found that I love a few scrubs from “Lush Cosmetics” and “Yes to.” I’d love to know some of your favorite scrubs!

  2. Sarah says

    I agree!! I was recommended by my facialist to only exfoliate once per week (I have breakouts and she warned me overexfoliating could aggrevate them and lead to excess oil production), but that soft feeling right afterwards is bliss! Also, a quick tip for exfoliating lips is to use an extra soft toothbrush. Giving your lips a 30-45 second scrub at the end of brushing your teeth gives them the same super soft feeling, and if you do it before a date it plumps them up beautifully.

  3. Amanda says

    You are looking so awesome! I agree with you that our face takes quite the beating. It is, after all, the only part of us that is always exposed to the elements. In case of face scrub what you use? You can use elf skin care products. I think it’s really helpful for face scrub. Whatever, All the point is really informative and it will help us to take a decision about face scrub. Thanks! For sharing. See you again.

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