Black is Always Flattering

If you ever have those moments when you “have nothing to wear” even though you have a full closet, or you feel like “nothing looks good” on you, even though you’ve got a great bod… then you’re not alone. This is something most women deal with from time to time, but when in doubt: wear black. Black is always flattering, and always in style.


Black is flattering because the darkness of the color hides any shadows, hiding any unforgiving features. Not only does black help hide those parts we don’t quite want on display, but it accentuates those parts of us we do but giving us a flattering silhouette of our shape. Black stands out against your background more than paler colors do, so the contrast has a slimming effect on your physique.


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Black is always flattering as a fashion statement. Wearing the right black pieces can make you look classy, sexy and well-put together. Black is always acceptable, too. (Yes, even at weddings!). By stocking your closet up with a variety of black colored pieces, you’re destined for fashion success. Just be careful when wearing black and black together, make sure you vary the fabrics and textures so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a cat women suit. And regardless, make sure the design and fit of the piece matches your body in a flattering way. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your lips, accessories, nails, and shoes to make your look really bold.


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