A Breath of Fresh Air

Air pollution is an issue most people are familiar with, especially if you’re living in a city. Living in Los Angeles, I was very aware of the smog and pollution in the air outside, but what I never considered was the air pollution that could be indoors. It wasn’t until last year when my cat, Smushball, began having an allergic reaction that strained her breathing that I looked into getting a great air purifier. I tried some out, but couldn’t entirely tell if they were really clarifying the air. When I moved into a new place this winter I decided it was time to really do my research into air purifiers; I couldn’t afford Smushball having another health scare because of something in the air.

After much research I came across the Molekule air purifier. What interested me in Molekule was that the research for this product started because the co-founder and Chief Scientist found no air purifier on the market was helping with his sons severe asthma symptoms. This company was interested in true results. This convinced me to try out the Molekule air purifier, and I’m honestly so glad I did. I brought my Molekule purifier to my new apartment and after just one hour you could actually feel the difference. I’m not exaggerating when I say the air actually felt clear and clean, it was so much easier to breath. Most air filters just trap pollutants, so they continue to survive. Molekule completely destroys pollutants like bacteria, mold, toxic gasses (VOCs), and other airborne allergens. Using a low energy blacklight and specially designed electrocatalytic filter, it converts the pollutants into trace amounts of water and CO2.

Having a good purifier is very important to health and well being, air pollution can exacerbate asthma and allergies, but also be damaging to our brains. I honestly wasn’t completely sure I could tell the difference between air purifiers until I tried Molekule. I’m so glad I finally have something where I can feel and trust that the air in my house is healthy to breath, not to mention the modern design looks great in my apartment!

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