Brushing Tips to Avoid Frizz

Have you ever had the perfect outfit, perfect makeup, and then you go to fix your hair and end up just fighting frizz? It’s so frustrating! But there are easy ways to avoid frizz just when combing and brushing your hair.

Avoid brushing or combing dry hair, especially if your hair is curly. The best time to detangle is when hair is wet. To avoid frizz you want to use a wide tooth comb when detangling wet hair. Do not use a brush on wet hair, as this can cause breakage and actually result in more frizz.

If you have curly hair and need to detangle while your hair is dry, start from the bottom of the hair. You’ll want to grab your hair and lightly brush out tangles on the ends, only as needed. Do this with a wide tooth comb as well. Using a brush on curly hair instead of a comb will immediately cause frizz.

If you have straighter hair and need to detangle while your hair is dry it is okay to use a brush. The best kind of brush to achieve less frizz is a paddle brush. You’ll want to brush gently, and start from the tangles on the bottom and work up as necessary.

Last Minute Frizz Tricks:

1. Spray some hairspray on a dry toothbrush and lightly brush down the frizz.

2. Apply hairspray and use the flat back of your paddle brush to smooth the top of the hair.

3. Grab a dryer sheet on your way out of the door and lightly rub it over the frizzy areas.

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