How and why you should be celebrating Popcorn today

January 19th has been dubbed National Popcorn Day, and this famous snack is one worth talking about. This food has been made famous by movie goers, dieters and party hosts everywhere, and for good reasons. This treat is one that can be sweet, salty, light or filling, and hello it’s made from corn… how bad can it be?

Popcorn is a popular treat all over, and can be a wonderful way to cure that mid-day salty craving or that perfect sweet tooth satisfying dessert without all the unwanted dairy, carbs and overload of sugar. But let’s get something straight here: microwaved popcorn is not the way to celebrate. Ever. Why? according to nutritionist Elissa Goodman, “Microwave popcorn bags are lined with chemicals called perfluoroalkyls. Once heated, these chemicals leach into the popcorn itself creating highly damaging effects on your endocrine system, and have been linked to cancer, increasing LDL cholesterol, decreased immune function, thyroid disease, and infertility.” Not so fun.

Don’t throw away your plans for popcorn celebrating yet, though. There’s good news: if you pop your corn fresh or get it from a natural and/or organic brand, you’re in the clear. Popcorn itself is a great snack for so many reasons. One cup of freshly popped corn contains only 30 calories, satisfying your need to munch on something without overloading your bod with something high-cal. Popcorn also contains fiber and a high amount of antioxidants. Brands like Skinny Pop are made with whole grain popcorn, natural sunflower oil, and only 75 milligrams of salt. Bonus. If you’re hosting a party or having a movie night, it’s the perfect mix. Add a drizzle of melted chocolate over the top, or toss some dark chocolate chips in with it and you’ve got the perfect sharable treat. Making your popcorn fresh or getting it from a healthier, organic brand is the way to go!

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