Choosing the right plants for your home

A well decorated and happy home is one filled with vibrant green plants, soft petaled flowers and lots of fresh air from our foliage friends. Decorating a home with plants comes with a lot of inspiration and a little effective decision making. These quick considerations can save you time, money and potentially some really sad plants. These tips will help you ensure you choose the right plants for your home that you and your plants will love.

1. Will they be inside or outside?

It can be fun and easy to head to the store and grab the prettiest flower you see, but each flower has its own personality, preferences, and situations where it thrives the best. If you are stocking a planter outside your front yard, back yard, window sill or balcony then make sure you are choosing plants that love the outdoors. If you are decorating a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or communal space such as a living or dining room, then your plants should be suited for the inside air and lighting applicable to that space.

2. What plants best fit your space, and where?

Instead of going to the garden center first, and then bringing them back home and trying to decide where they will go, I recommend checking out your space first to decide what space you want to fill. For example, if it is a blank wall you or naked corner you are trying to fill, you don’t want to come home with a succulent; instead, you should come home with a tall potted tree or an ivy that can drape from a ceiling. If it is an undecorated shelf or dresser than a succulent might be the perfect fit. Before you make that impulsive farmer’s market purchase, think of your home space and decide where it will go. This way, you and your plant can be satisfied with a relationship that fits right in your home.

3. How busy are you?

Certain plants just as fresh cut flowers can be the best choice to brighten up a dull space, but they require a lot of attention that the vase is changed, the stems are cut and they will need to be replaced every week or so. If you are not a homebody, then I would recommend choosing something a bit more independent. Succulents are by far the most popular low-maintenance house plant, great for anyone who travels often, works a lot, or has a tendency to forget tedious chores such as watering.

4. What is your personal style?

Each plant has a unique style that fits your space. Looking up some photos of homes you like and imitating them can be a great way to start. If you want your home to have a tropical feel, a palm in the corner could tie it all together. If you want a room with earth tones that is a bot eclectic than feel free to mix and match whatever catches your eye. As long as it is something that can put a smile on your face whenever you look at it, you’ve made the right choice.

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