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What makes the perfect outfit? For me, it’s something that makes me feel strong, confident and beautiful but is also something I’m comfortable in. When I pick my look, I want it to say to the world everything I’m feeling that day, while also ensuring no discomfort. Line and Dot is one of my favorite brands for finding pieces that make a statement but are also easy to wear.

Favorite Jumpsuit currently!

Line and Dot is also more than just a clothing brand, they encourage driven and entrepreneurial women. I was honored when they asked me to be their May – Gal of the Month. With the platform Line and Dot gave me this month on their Instagram, I was able to share part of my story and the lessons I’ve learned building my own brand and business. Line and Dot clothing gives you the confidence to make a statement not only with your clothing, but in your life.

These shorts are a must for summer and super faltering

I also love how Line and Dot creates modern styles with just a hint of classic vintage. This makes the pieces very versatile, which I always look for when shopping. When buying a piece of clothing I want to get all the wear out of it I can. I love that so many of my Line and Dot items can be dressed up or down, and can be worn day or night.

This yellow dress is so great dressed up or down

Line and Dot really does have something for everyone and every style, which can’t be said about many clothing brands. If you want to be classy, edgy, cute, or boho there is something for you. Shop some of the Line and Dot pieces I’m currently loving below!

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