sweet tooth!

I have such a sweet tooth! I’’ve always been like this and unfortunately, being an only child, my parents spoiled me to no end. If I wanted cake, Mom would bake three different kinds. Naturally, that’s not good because it didn’’t really teach me any self-control. When I want something, I just have it.

However, being 26 and entering the stage of my life where my metabolism will eventually start slowing down, I have been trying to curb my cravings when it comes to sweets. Well, it doesn’’t help much that I’’m currently in LA and very close to my favorite bakery, Sweet Lady Jane.

So, I made an excuse to myself that I needed to get breakfast and went there. Sure I came out with a cappuccino and an egg salad sandwich but I also came out with a giant piece of their Triple Berry Cake to be exact!

It’’s absolutely delicious, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Until I got to the last bite and realized I had a bikini shoot in a couple hours (I definitely had a “dope” moment).

Anyway, to make my long story short, this is what I normally try and do to control my sugar intake:

  • Do NOT keep sweets in the house
  • Eat fruit when I crave processed sugar
  • Try really hard not to eat any sweets during the week and let myself have them only on the weekend, by which time I’’ve usually forgotten about the craving.
  • Avoid places like my favorite bakeries, unless I’’m prepared to take responsibility for that entire cake I’’m going to eat.

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