How this cool Netherlands coffee shop will inspire you to travel

What is it about a coffee shop that makes it so endearing? Is it the atmosphere, the people, the coffee and food itself? I’d say all of the above. One of the sweetest perks in traveling is visiting different coffee shops all over the world. Coffee houses have been a long-standing tradition in many countries for bringing people together. If you want to know the culture of a place, visit it’s coffee shops. People gather around tables with a warm cup of joe discussing life, politics, relationships, fashion, business ventures and more. Going to a coffee shop in your hometown may be a great place to meet people and be a part of a community, and visiting a coffee shop in another country is an exciting way to get a local feel for where you are.

In the Netherlands, I visited the coffee shop Coffee and coconuts . It has a unique atmosphere all it’s own and is trendy and cozy down to every last detail. Coffee and Coconutswants to make you feel like you are sitting on the beach with a coconut in your hand. Based in the buzzing city of Amsterdam, this coffee shop boasts itself as a relaxing paradise amidst all the busyness. “Coffee & Coconuts is all about celebrating the abundance of life”, their passionate baristas, makers, and bakers, are encouraged to be creative and make you feel at home, and it certainly shows when you feel the vibe of the place as soon as you walk in. 

Passionate about creating a good cup of coffee, food, and an even better atmosphere, we pulled up some bean bags to a low table to relax and enjoy our brunch. If you are in Amsterdam, I highly recommend checking out this cute little cafe Coffee and coconuts, ordering a latte and something to eat, too. Don’t be afraid to try to make conversation. Even if you don’t speak Dutch, you’d be pleasantly surprised at how people at coffee shops will find you just as interesting to interact with, and you will get a feel for the place you are visiting. I will definitely be back!

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