The cutest fashion outfits at an amazing price point

If you watch any TV at all, you have probably seen the ads with the young woman who filled her closet with shoes and is vlogging about her experience when her partner comes in and catches her in the act… It’s a very well made commercial because it sticks in your head but mainly because it lets you know exactly what you get at Fabulous clothes and shoes at fabulous prices.


I wanted to do a JustFab Review and decided to sign up and see just how VIP Membership works. JustFab is currently the leading fashion-subscription e-commerce site and lifestyle brand so I wanted to see what it was all about. Much like Fabletics, JustFab offers a VIP membership that allows you to purchase from them at a discounted rate. You sign up and take a Fun, Fast, Easy Style Quiz and then they give you your “suggested picks.” If you don’t like those you can ask for new ones or just brows their entire current offering which includes shoes, handbags, jewelry and a full collection of clothing for every occasion. You can choose to skip a month if you don’t want to spend or are traveling without any penalties. The service is also “no strings attached” so you can cancel anytime! Not to mention the price point is pretty amazing. You can get a great deal on a whole fashion outfit!


For my first order I got a pair of strappy suede pumps and my second order was a pair of super casual cute boots with a bit of a heel. I got the shipments relatively quickly and the colors of the product were the same as online. That’s always a worry when I order online. Sometimes the product color is a bit different. Going forward I would definitely order more from JustFab as they have outfits for any occasion. I would suggest this membership for anyone on a budget that wants a deal on fashion outfits. You can get a sexy outfit for date night or a casual outfit for everyday wear all for an amazing deal!

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