Decorating on a budget

Moving, however annoying and stressful it might be, allows me to start fresh. That’s the part I look forward to as I’m coaxing my friends to haul my couch and mattress up the numerous flights of stairs to whatever my new apartment I’m moving into. I guess I should be grateful for my friend’s loyalty or the amazing pizza and booze I offer at the end of the moving process because all my moves have gone smoothly so far. Sometimes, towards the tail end of the move when everyone is tired, I like to buy a few boxes of pizza and walk in front of them so the smell entices them to work faster. Works like a charm because by the end of the day everyone is satisfied with a bull belly in my new little apartment.

I recently realized that I tend to move a little too often. It could be the fact that I get bored of one specific location after a year or so or that I discover a new location that entices me more than the current. Whatever it may be, I have lived in quite a few locations in my short young life and I’m not looking to slow down anytime soon. There is so many places to explore in the world and that keeps my mind constantly wondering.

When I do settle down at a new location, I very much look forward to decorating. If it was just my place, every apartment I live in would look like a woodsy retreat but luckily I drag my roommate Maddison with me and she forces me to think outside of the the forest scene in my mind.

I know decorating can seem daunting and expensive but it doesn’t have to be if your open to trying new things. For example, you can refurbish old furniture and give it a face life or buy vintage furniture from flea markets or off craigslist. The options are endless but if you still want new furniture there are stores that will help you decorate on a tight budget.

  1. Ross: They don’t have a wide variety of furniture but you can find some wall art and chairs and cabinets that are very well priced. I love getting kitchen supplies from there. They have a hug he selection.
  2. Home Goods: They have a huge selection of furniture and accesories at very low prices. I love getting throw pillows from there and throws but I’ve bought chairs and silk plants there as well.
  3. Small mom and pop stores: sometimes you have a lot more haggling power at those store as they want to move as much furniture as possible. I’ve gotten an axing bedroom set form Italy form a small furniture store and I still have it to this day.
  4. CB2: its a great store for a younger crowd but there are pieces for everyone.
  5. Target/Walmart: I like some of the pieces at these store but they are usually low quality and often not real wood.
  6. Apt2B: They have amazing couches!!! I currently ordered myself one and can’t wait to get it. I sat on their La Brea couch at a friends house and ended up sleeping on it. IT was incredibly comfortable! They have other great home decor pieces as well so definitely check them out.
  7. Ikea: this is store is very well know for inexpensive furniture. Great for rental apartments but hard to put together at times.
  8. Safavieh: They have amazing rugs and furniture overall. Most of my furniture is from them and I haven’t been disappointed yet.
  9. West Elm: This place is a little more pricey but I always find smaller decorative pieces there.
  10. Flea Market/ Craigslist: This is a great please to fine very inexpensive furniture if you don’t mind sprucing it up a bit.

Happy decorating!!

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