Dreaming of a light Christmas: Get my look

Not every Christmas is celebrated with freshly fallen white snow, layers of thick coats and scarves for your neck. Instead, many of us in places with warm winters get to experience a light winter. Heavy jackets are replaced by airy T-shirts and warm pants are replaced by shorter skirts. Just because the snow hasn’t fallen and the windows are not all iced over, doesn’t mean the festivities are any less special. Red lips, bold eyes, green skirts, and white T’s made their appearance this Christmas as a vibrantly decorated tree announced itself in the background. This look is one you can rock over and over if you’re in a warmer state, and still crossing some friends, family, and parties off your Holidays list; or, if you’re starting to think about what your NYE look will be. Wherever you are, there’s a perfect holiday look for you, too that can be rocked well into the new year!

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