Why Dry Brushing Should Be a Part of Your Beauty Ritual

There are many beauty rituals in our daily lives. The more obvious ones, like brushing your teeth, your hair, makeup, etc. but there are a few other beauty rituals such as dry brushing that you should add to your daily routine. Dry brushing is a beauty trend that has been getting a lot of popularity for its effectiveness in reducing cellulite and many other clear skin benefits.

  1. Improves Circulation

Dry brushing is effective because it stimulates circulation in your body. By brushing the skinin strokes towards your heart, the blood will flow at the time of brushing and thereafter throughout your body to create many glowing skin benefits.

Dry Brush

2. Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite forms as a result of poor circulation. Becuase dry brushing encourages circulation, cells are stimulated, and toxins underneath the surface of the skin are reduced.

3.Exfoliate Dry Skin

By brushing your skin’s surface with tough bristles, that outer layer of dead skin cells doesn’t stand a chance. As a result, your skin will be softer by removing old skin and revealing a new layer of skin.

4. It Stimulates Your Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is responsible for detoxifying your body. When these toxins build up, it shows in dry and irritated and uneven skin. By dry brushing, you will reveal a more youthful skin, helping your lymph system to do its job to remove toxins.

5. Give You a Deeper Clean

When you shower with body wash, you are essentially washing the outer layer of skin that is on your body. In the process of scrubbing, you may have some areas of your body that have dry, flaky or old skin and some areas that have newer skin. By dry brushing before a shower, you even your skin tone and allow all of your body to be washed more thoroughly, rather than just washing the old skin on the surface.

6. It’s Relaxing 

Dry brushing can be a relaxing ritual before a shower because it can massage your surface and give you a back scratch to get those hard to reach places. Dry brushing has even been said to relieve anxiety by increasing circulation and for its massaging effect.

The Proper Way to Drybrush Your Skin

  • Purchase a long-handled brush from the store with natural bristles. I recommend going in person rather than buying online, so that way you can feel the bristles before buying to make sure they are not too soft or too harsh.
  • Before a shower, dry brush your entire body starting with the bottoms of your feet, moving up.
  • Move the brush in long stroked towards your heart. When you reach your stomach, brush in a circle.
  • DO NOT scrub back and forth or press super hard. Use simple, long and easy strokes overlapping towards your heart.
  • For example, if you are doing your left leg, start from your ankle and brush in one long even stroke up to your hip. Then again from your hip to your chest and so on.
  • Brushing your entire body should take no longer than 3-5 minutes.
  • Do not dry brush your face, the bristles are too harsh for facial skin.
  • Shower when you’re finished to wash off the dead skin
  • After your shower, use a natural moisturizer and remember the importance of moisturizing in your daily beauty ritual.

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