Easy Ways to Stay Active in Winter

As the weather gets colder and the holiday season begins it is easy to want to stay cozy on the couch with the family, but with all of the unhealthy food we eat this season it is especially important to keep active. Taking the time to exercise doesn’t mean you have to leave your friends and family behind to have fun without you, there are many options to get up and be active with any size group over the winter months. Below I’ve included some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your winter or holiday gatherings without leaving the fun behind!

Enter a race: 

There are lots of races happening even in the winter months. A race is a great option because there are often a range of distances to choose from, accommodating all capacities for exercise. Aside from just a range of distances, there are also different types of races, some with fun themes, obstacles, or even a polar bear plunge! Watching a race can also be fun for members of the group who choose not to participate, they can still get out and have a good time cheering on family and friends. And when the running is over that hot chocolate or big turkey dinner tastes just that much better knowing you really worked for it!

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Have a Snow Day: 

Sledding and playing in the snow isn’t just for kids! Playing in the snow is a great way to burn calories, from running up hills to sled and heavy lifting making a giant snowman it’s not hard to get a full body workout while having fun with family and friends.

Take a walk: 

Taking a walk or going on a hike is great for groups of all sizes year round. This can also be tailored and changed to the difficulty level of your choice. For something less straining, take a long walk through local neighborhoods after breakfast. For something a little more challenging, make a day of it, pack a picnic and go hiking.

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At-home exercise class:

 If the weather is truly frightful and you can’t make it out of the house it can be fun to host a group exercise class in your own home. If you have someone in your group who is an exercise or yoga pro have them lead the group through a mini class. If no one in your group wants to lead, head to the internet and find your favorite free workout video. YouTube has great free workout videos and even some dance tutorials if you want to really challenge the group!

Physically interactive games:

Some favorite party games are actually a great way to keep active through the winter. Charades is a classic that gets people up and moving, and with video games there are even more options like Dance Dance Revolution, Nintendo Wii Sports, and Super Mario Party. These games are fun for all ages and a great way to keep the family together while staying active through the holiday season.

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