Let’s play a little game of THIS or THAT! Head to my stories to play... let’s see if we think the same 😉
Happy December 🤍 What are you looking forward to this month? I’m excited for our first Christmas in our new home.
Let’s play fill in the blank:
My favorite rainy day activity is ______.
Just looked at the weather and it’s about to get a little rainy... with a bit of snow today! I’m curious what your responses will be 🤔
It’s a new week! What are you most excited for? 🤍
That winter chill in the air is here finally. This is one of my favorite spots in my new neighborhood especially when all the boats are gone in the winter months. The empty harbor is so beautiful and winter blues are the prettiest blues... don’t you agree?
Can you relate? Wish I had a reason to dress up again... I kind of miss getting ready for a date night or an event... now my “get ready routine” is just me throwing on blush and doing my brows and a gloss and combing my hair lol
What do you struggle most with when it comes to skincare? Leave a comment. 💫
What’s your favorite lipstick? 💄
Can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods to cook or eat? Would love to know! 🤍

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