Flattering swimsuit styles for Summer

Summer is not only the season of golden skin, watermelon eating, and sunshine basking, it’s also swimsuit season. If you walked into the water wearing your t-shirt and shorts that’d be just plain weird, and no fun for anyone. But just because you are getting into the water doesn’t mean you have slip into something uncomfortable. These swimsuit styles are cute & trendy, oh-so-flattering, and will make anyone feel confident to take on the summer.


  1. The one piece

Thank GOD one pieces are no longer considered unfashionable. This swimsuit style makes anyone feel comfortable because instead of sucking in your belly from lunch all day you can feel free to snack on the beach, play in the water and still look like hot stuff.

2. The cut out one piece

This is where it gets fun. As we covered, a one piece is so easy to rock and if you want to spice it up a bit then grab a suit with some awesome cut out on the back or upper belly. These are places where you don’t have to worry about something popping out that shouldn’t. Plus, they’re so unique and on trend, you’ll be turning heads all day at the pool.

3. The high waisted bottom

Once again, that “perfect” stomach is more often something most of us experience like a full moon. The daily experience usually includes eating food and enjoying life. Don’t limit yourself this summer just so you can look better in your swimmies. Instead, try the high-waisted bottoms that will make you feel totally comfortable, and have been trending for a few summers now. Women are appreciating how flattering they are, so I don’t think this style is going away anytime soon.


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