Fool-proof ways to beat stress and ensure your beauty rest during holidays

From late October to January, we can be pretty go-go-go. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all jam-packed into 4 straight months. For many of us, we also have some end-of-the-year goals we have to meet for our work and personal lives, and maybe even some birthdays or unexpected things pop up in this season, making it universally busy time for all of us. When this season comes around, it can be truly wonderful. Family and friends gather, lots of cooking and eating happens, and gift-giving/receiving is always fun. There are so many reasons to love these colder holiday-filled months. But we all also know how stressful they can be- and in order to fully embrace and enjoy them, we want to remain healthy, and well-rested. These tips mentioned below are simple-but if you truly follow them they can work wonders for your routine during this busy holiday season ensuring you will be beautiful, joyous and energized to embrace whatever comes your way.


  1. Take your vitamins (before you are sick)

As a whole, people’s immune systems often become weaker in the colder months when we are exposed to harsh elements, eating more sugar, and sleeping else, etc. Yet, we always seem like we’ve been wronged when that illness hits us. Don’t let it take you over this year! Instead of waiting until that cold symptoms start to come on, or worse when you’ve already contracted it fully- take your vitamin c, zinc, and/or other doctor-recommended supplements to prevent sickness before it starts. An annual doctor checkup before your end of the year insurance benefits is also something to keep in mind.

2. Gift shopping: time + tact is everything

Secret’s out, friends: Christmas is going to be on the 25th of December! Just like every year… why is it that year after year we wait to shop and then complain about having to face crowded malls. If you are someone who likes to wait until those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I get it. Certainly, take advantage of those awesome sales. However, don’t save all of your gift shopping for others for those times. It is just too stressful. Instead, start thinking of a list either in your phone, on paper, or in your mind of people who you’d like to fit this year and what they may like. When you are browsing online or in-store, purchase something for them and keep it in your closet until it is time to wrap- waiting last minute can cause you to lose sleep and stress out way more than is necessary. Simple, plan ahead and start checking off boxes for gifts now.

3. Don’t over commit- keep a calendar

It can be easy to become overly excited to get caught up in the hype of the Holidays or do not want to disappoint anyone who invited you to something. When someone asks you to a dinner, party, or event this season, simply tell them how wonderful and fun that sounds, but that you will have to check your schedule and get back to them. Don’t commit right away. No reasonable friend will be offended, and it is better to commit at all than to say that you will and then bail. Keep a physical calendar to help you keep track.

4. Set a bedtime alarm

Lat nights creep up on us, causing stress, fatigue and poor energy the next day. With all the demand from our work and personal lives, it may be hard to get everything done by a reasonable hour. Or maybe you are someone who just likes to have some “me” time late into the night. To ensure you are getting enough rest, set an alarm that tells you when it is time to go to bed- and listen to it. Not snoozing your bedtime alar can help you not snooze your wake up alarm in the AM.

5. Stock up on your necessary beauty products

Being a woman, stocking up on beauty products is like a bear hibernating for winter. Act as if you will need to get everything you need to last you through the season. Why? A, because you do not want to spend a single night without your beloved facial moisturizers, cleanser, hair mask, or conditioning treatment, your makeup, or anything that is essential in your beauty routine- you simply don’t want to deal with a breakout or dry skin during this season. And B, because you don’t want to have to go face the mall more than you have to- you will already spending more time and money shopping than usual. Stock up now- just like that hibernating bear and you will go the whole season without having to worry at all.

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