The 10 Types of Friends

Hey guys, I wanted to explore the topic of friends as one of my firsts blog posts. In the last two years, my focus has been on restructuring my friend circle. Not to sound cliche but putting a lot more emphasis on quality over quantity. I’ve gotten down to a solid group of core “everyday” girlfriends that I can really count on and I’m very happy about it. These are the friends I talk to on a daily basis and see regularly. They are loyal and honest. They know all of my business and definitely have something to say about it.


But what about the other categories of friends? 

1. The Core Best Friends: The select few that know everything that’s going on in your life and are not afraid to let you know how they feel. They give you advice whether you want to hear it or not and are there for you when you explicitly ignore the advice and exactly what they thought would happen happens. Don’’t worry, the “I-told-you-so” will come.

2. The Out-of-Towners: Friends living in a different state or country. Maybe from a city you used to live in. From a different time in your life. You catch up with them once a month maybe.

3. The Blasts from the Past: The middle school, high school, and college friends who all have moved on and probably have very different lives then you. It’s fun talking but hard to have long conversations unless you are reminiscing about the past.

3. Friends of Friends: New friends you’’ve made through your current friends by going a on a trip or attending an event. You would like to develop this friendship and will eventually have to hang out solo without your friend connection.

4. The Party Friends: The friends you call up when you need to blow off some steam. They are in the club/bar scene at least twice a week and drink heavily. Usually single or having a rotation of girls or guys they constantly hook up with (the stories you get about these people are just amazing). They are entertaining and embarrassing at the same time so you try not to mix them with your other group of friends.

5. The Relationship Friends: The friends you acquire during the course of your relationship. These are people you meet through your significant other. These are people who will most likely also be in relationships, and you will often hang out in pairs. These are generally unstable relationships that depend on your relationship surviving. If your relationship dissolves, then they will be forced to choose sides.

6. The Fuck-ups: We all have a friend or two like this. For some reason these people take one step forward and three steps back in life and no matter how hard you try to help them, they just can’t seem to help themselves. On one hand, they make you feel better about your current situation, but on the other hand, they make you sad because you don’t like to see someone you care about on a downward spiral.

7. The Wannabes: These are the fake friends, the moochers, the leaches, and the opportunists. Sometimes you don’t see their true colors until a later date and sometimes you both know deep down that shit ain’’t real. Regardless, these people just try and take from you and give back things of no value. Drop them.

9. Acquaintances: These are people you have met on multiple occasions and for some reason you have no interest in pushing past that stage to becoming friends. It gets awkward when some of them consider you a friend and you end up pity hanging with them every couple months. You’re not really friends but you’re friendly. They think they know you, and you find it cute. Harmless really. I would look at them as networking.

10. Frenemies: According to the Urban Dictionary, this is an enemy disguised as a friend. I think the phrase “”keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer” makes you a fake person but to each their own I guess.

I wanna know your thoughts on friends and friendships. What do you guys value about your friends? What characteristics do you look for in a friend?

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