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  1. Stephanie says

    This is my favourite post of yours. I can really relate to it except I’ve always kept a small circle of friends. I guess because maybe I moved around a lot as a kid and now as an adult. My husband is in the Army Band. Being a military spouse has definitely made me feel more lonely then ever and I have not found any “good” friends. I am the kind of person who is there for you when you need it: a shoulder to cry on, watch your child last minute, or borrow you a couple dollars for milk. But people take advantage of that and it is so heart breaking and infuriating. My husband just told me the other day that I can’t keep getting mad that I expect people to be good people and think like I do. He is right obviously. It’s just hard to accept that I guess. Anyway thanks for sharing this post. It was a good read and made me feel less lonley in a sense to know I’m not they only one that has gone through this.

    • Andreea says

      I don’t think anyone ever goes through any experience alone. There is someone always out there that will understand. That’s a positive of the internet.

  2. ChrisMarq8 says

    Wow, you hit the nail perfectly on the head with this one. Every single thing you mentioned was a play by play of what my life in LA has been. What it’s truly like to move to LA, make new friends, find a job and pursue our dream, it’s never a cakewalk as we hope. I too used to have a large circle of friends and thought in order to make it this town, you have to ‘schmooze’, be a social butterfly(network)… Well, yes and no. Talent is the most important aspect, is what I’ve learned. At some point, you stop chasing the parties, the free booze, the LA lifestyle, all the fancy shit, the fake ass people and ALLLLLLL the EGO’s. One day you wake up SO TIRED and think to yourself – fuck all that, I just want to do what I love, and be HAPPY. We only have one life. In my case, GOD gave me a second one(I died 5 years ago). Therefore, I can’t afford to fuck this up.

    In the end, a couple things I learned are; 90% of those so-called friends are, “acquaintances” and not actual friends. They’re more like drinking/gossiping buddies because they haven’t figured out what the fuxk they’re doing in their own life, or, are just as unhappy in their life as you are. Next, as big of a heart as I have, you really CANNOT trust anyone, as much as I wanted to give people the benefit of a doubt, so many people have screwed me over one way or another. And last, the most important aspect… Focus on yourself, take care of yourself. If it’s writing you’d like to pursue, DO IT! Acting, modeling, writing, bar-tending, entrepreneur, whatever it is, just focus on YOU, AND DO IT.

    What always seems to happen in the end; after awhile, people start noticing you, your work, your craft. You start out as that weird kids that was ALWAYS seen by him/herself sitting alone with no friends, just drawing or writing to pass the time. Over time without knowing it, you grow, you’ve developed your craft into something special, so special it’s getting people’s attention now. Now, all of a sudden, everyone wants to know who you are, the curiosity is through the roof! Everyone’s a fucking cat and wanting to know, WHAT’S IN THE FUCKING BOX, CAN I JUMP IN IT??? Because let’s face it, people are like cats, very curious in nature, and like to be entertained, and eat cat food 🙂

    Anyways, I’m rambling on so I’ll end this by saying, I can totally relate to your LA story. Pretty sure a lot of people can, and some not so much but fuck them. Focus on you, your happiness and what YOU want out of this life, everything else seems to just magically fall into place as it should. Last, don’t force anything. If it feels like your pushing a massive rock Up hill to get something done, probably means you’re doing it wrong or it’s not the right time(which can be very frustrating). Also, listen to your intuition, that gut instinct, think of it as your guardian angel talking to you. Start trusting what it says to you when meeting new people, situations and new opportunities, it will guide you down the right path.

    Take care,


  3. Anya says

    Your self awareness and honest reflections are absolutely on point in this post. You expressed your hopes that this will be a time of growth for you, and I can almost see you growing and developing in front of my eyes when I read this post. Good for you for being able to analyze and pinpoint both your and others weaknesses – and come up with solutions and plans of how to react etc moving forward. Not many people have that ability. You will do great things and go places. I love people like you 🙂

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