Tousled Waves: How to Get the Look

Trend alert! If you haven’t noticed by now, a 70’s revival is imminent. Tousled, Wavy hair with a sexy middle part are all you need to start. Nude, Taupe lips for your pout are also on trend, so you can give a milder and natural take to your makeup, too. Groovy screen tee’s and even flare jeans are a bonus to complete the look. Check out my post on how to get the perfect tousled waves with this 70’s look. It’s sexy, classic and totally on trend. The best part of all? It’s so simple!


  1. It all starts in the shower

Don’t go about trying to achieve this look with old hair (it totally “can” work, but let’s start fresh to be sure). Use a gentle shampoo and a bold moisturizing and volumizing conditioner. The goal here is to get a lot of volume, and minimize frizz. Flip your head over in the shower when you lather, as it can add a little more volume to your scalp.

2. Tame the frizz with a T

A T-shirt, that is. You may have heard this trick before, and it’s a good one to remember for this frizz-free look. When getting out of the shower, don’t towel dry your hair and rub that rough fabric back in forth across your poor, fragile hair strands. Instead, use a soft t-shirt, patting and squeezing the water out as much as possible until it’s no longer sopping wet.

3. The “just leave it” method

If you have naturally wavy hair, or even slightly curly hair, then you can save yourself some heat damage and add a product to make your hair soft, silky, frizz free and just keep those God-given lovely locks the same. If you opt for a gel, then spritz a quarter sized amount (depending on the product) on your palms, rub together and apply to the ends first, and then to your scalp, flipping over your hair to the left and the right to get all those layers underneath. If you opt for a spray, then generously apply to the ends and scalp, and once again, don’t forget those layers of hair that like to hide underneath. You can run your fingers through it to separate the strands, but don’t brush your hair! This can increase your chances of frizz and separate the curls. Allow your hair to dry natural, and resist the temptation to tuck your hair behind your ears. It’s a good idea to do this before your morning coffee or meditation to give it time to set before leaving the house.

4. The blow dry method

If leaving your hair natural just doesn’t work for you, and you know it, you can try some heat for a more confident approach to getting those craved tousled waves. After t-shirt drying your hair, add some heat-protectant/frizz reducing hair product. Place a diffuser on your hair, then flip your hair upside down and blow-dry your hair until it’s about 85 percent dry. When you’re at that point, flip it over and avoid running your fingers through it or touching it too much until it’s totally dry. Add some texturizing spray to tame it more if needed, and then hair spray it to lock it in.

5. The Curling Iron Method

Apply product, then blow dry your hair with a round brush, giving it volume. When your hair is completely dry, first section your hair, and start curling from the very bottom. Next, take your curling iron, clamp it in the center of your strand, and curl it outwards; tug the hair strand downwards before releasing it. This is what makes the curl more relaxed. Alternate the direction of each curl to get a natural, tousled look. Then, run your fingers gently through the top of it, to loosen the curls up even more. Next, add a texturizing spray, starting with the roots and going towards the ends to tame it down. Hairspray it to lock it in!

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