Get your Outerwear!

Not being the person that NEEDS that new trendy coat this season, I tend to get my outerwear pieces right at the tail end of winter. It’s the best time to take advantage of sales and get that jacket or coat you’ve been eyeing since fall. I am all about looking cute but I can’t bring myself to spend an outrageous amount on something I can wait and get in a couple months for a discount. Patience is a virtue and this way I don’t have buyers remorse. I absolutely hate it when I get something then notice the price went down and I could have gotten it for less.

Like these boots I got from Free People in the fall. I absolutely love them and they look great even going in the spring with a pair of black tights and shorts. But man was a pissed when I saw that the price went down. GRRRRRR! But hey now I can tell you guys about the deal and hopefully you guys will be happy to know you got them for way less then me.


Here’s some great retailers having sales on outerwear right now.

Free People: I have a few of their jackets and they are good quality and soft leather. Also they have a variety of styles available.



Revolve: Always has some amazing pieces and they are having their outerwear sale now!


Prana: If you guys follow me you know I’m a big fan of Prana and their sustainable approach to making quality clothes while leaving the smallest footprint possible on our planet. They products are hight quality and their Mona Jacket was my salvation this year in my winter travels to Minnesota and Aspen.



And as always, comment below with sites or sales you know about so I can update my post 🙂 So many of you email me to discuss the posts I put up but I would be so much more responsive if you would comment below my post in the comment section. I get so many emails, I don’t want to miss something from you guys.

Happy Saturday!

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    LOVE YOU AND YOUR STYLE! flawless inspiration

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