Hair Color Trends you’ll see this Fall

Changing clothes and your order at Starbucks is only part of your beauty to-do list when Fall arrives. Your can keep your hair exactly the way it was for Summer and be fine, of course, but who doesn’t love an excuse to mix things up? Changing seasons just wouldn’t be complete in the world of beauty without a change of color from head to toe. When Fall arrives, we all usually are due for at least a trim and a deep conditioning treatment from a professional to keep our hair in good healthy shape. But while you’re there this time, you may just want to change things up with your color, too. Luckily, this Fall you’ve got plenty of options from drastic whites to subtle hues and dark browns giving you much to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for a big game changer or just a subtle mix-up, there’s plenty of on-trend autumn hair colors that will give you a fun and refreshing look, perfect for Fall.


Deep brown

Think dark chocolate, with rich depth and little variation in color. This solid dark is close to many people’s natural hair color and may not even seem like much of a change, but this one-even dark tone is so hot this Fall, and for good reason. This deep brown accentuates your hair to make it look healthy and works on basically every length and skin tone. It’s a go-to color this Fall because it is classic, yet elegant and flattering.

Subtle highlights

Think bayalage, but watered down about 50%. This Fall, you will see a lot of dark hair with subtle, barely-there highlights of blonde and honey highlights. Whether your hair is naturally really dark, or really light, you can lighten the hue on your strands just barely for some highlights that will provide some interesting variation but without going too drastic. The dark base contrast with the light hues in the highlights will bring out the color in your face but still keep the indulgent deep brown we love to have in the colder months.

Bright Red

Bright red is a theme this fall in our clothes, and in our hair hues. It may be a little surprising to see this drastic of a red coming back, but it’s certainly going to be around. When going for a color this bold, it’s always a good idea to show your hairdresser a photo of what you want, and even go so far to ask them for a photo of one they’ve done before. This drastic change should be met with experience so that you end up looking like a gorgeous Sophie Turner, and not a tomato.


A more subtle, and easy-going twist on the red hair trend this Fall is to go for a strawberry copper. If you’ve never gone red before, this light and gentle copper is a good starter kit for you. If you’re naturally blonde, then this look might be a great transition to mix things up for Fall and will probably still match your skin tone. Brunettes, totally go for this look too, just keep in mind you’ll have unmatched brows. For this look, go bright (not brassy) ashy and warm.

Platinum Blonde 

For those of you who are naturally blonde, going a little (or a lot) lighter and whiter is in this Fall. Going darker for Fall may be tempting, but light colors will still be timeless and in, the key is to go white more than golden to get that Fall look. An icy blonde, almost white is what we’re aiming for here and don’t be afraid to keep your dark roots. Make a purple toning shampoo a part of your routine to keep your locks grey and not yellow.



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