Have Your Cocktail and Drink it Too

“No sugar and no carbs, for three weeks.” When my trainer said this is how we were starting our program I thought, “No big deal, three weeks isn’t so hard.” I definitely underestimated how hard this would be for me. It has been way more of a struggle than I had originally thought, especially since I have had family visiting and baby showers to attend!

Every time I hit a wall during my diet I start to do research, to see if there is a sugar and carb-free option that is similar to something I’m craving. I’ve tried some recipes that don’t live up to what I was hoping for, but I have also found some recipes I will definitely be using even after these three weeks are over. These three weeks have been no cake walk (figuratively and literally), but I have definitely learned how to implement healthier choices into my regular diet.

I love to entertain and I have been very into creating cocktails as of late. This was not such an easy task with my restricted diet. When thinking of the healthiest option, my first thought went to a vodka soda. I know a vodka soda is sugar and carb free, but it is also pretty tasteless. Because of this I started thinking of ways to improve upon the taste while using no artificial sweeteners.

My final cocktail creation resulted in a healthy cocktail with a great flavor and no added sugar or artificial sweetener. An hour before entertaining, I infused my water with strawberry and mint. I combined 2 oz of Vodka with 1 part infused water and 1 part club soda and added a squeeze of lime. The strawberry, mint, and lime create a refreshing taste great for a Spring or Summer get-together while keeping the cocktail guilt-free! If those flavors aren’t something you enjoy, this cocktail is able to be prepared with infused water using the fruit and flavors of your choice. You can even make multiple batches using different flavors for your guests to choose their preference!

Recipe 1 Cocktail (multiply as needed):

2 oz Vodka

Club Soda (Amount to taste)

Water (Amount to taste)

Fruit/Ingredients to infuse water ( I used 3 strawberries and 4 mint leaves)

2 Lime Wedges (1 to squeeze, one to garnish)


1.One hour before serving cocktail, cut ingredients and add to water

2. Place infused water in the refrigerator for one hour

3. Fill cup with ice (your preference)

4. Add vodka, infused water, and club soda.

5. Squeeze lime wedge over cocktail

6. Stir and garnish

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