Holiday Party Style-Guide 2018

The holiday season, when everyone is feeling festive and filled with cheer, is a time to take a risk and make a statement with your outfits. I’ve put together my style-guide, including specific pieces, for achieving a knock-out look at your holiday parties this year.

Color: Embrace jewel tones and rich colors. The cold weather makes many of us gravitate towards the black and gray in our wardrobes, but a holiday party is the perfect occasion to brighten everyone’s spirits with a bold pop of color.

Texture: Thicker fabrics used in the winter allow for heavy, bold textures that can be seen across a room. Whether it’s a skirt or a great jacket, finding a staple piece with a great texture this winter can be fun to pair with different pieces, creating a new look for every event.

Shine: The winter holidays bring out all the twinkle lights, the perfect setting to wear something with a bit of shine. A subtle color can still make heads turn by reflecting light, or a simple dress can be elevated with a shining pair of shoes or earrings.

Accessories: The winter cold brings more opportunities to accessorize, a hat isn’t only meant for keeping warm in the snow, it can be a great addition to your winter party look. Accessories are also a great  for bringing color, texture, and shine to any outfit in away that fits your individual style.


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