Does “at home” IPL hair removal really work?

Beauty gadgets, such as the Venus Silk-expert 3 powered by Braun, are the perfect gift this holiday season. Technology has come so far and the expectation of convenience keeps getting higher. There is so much buzz about at home IPL laser hair removal solutions, that I decided to look into it and report back to you. 

In partnership with Braun, I decided to look into what IPL technology actually is and how it works: IPL works differently from other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving or epilation since it provides permanent hair reduction, eliminating the need for frequent retouches. Similar to professional lasers found at the spa or dermatologist, IPL is a technology that uses light energy to remove hair. It targets the melanin in the hair follicle, and permanent results can be expected.

Among the many choices, we have these days for our beauty needs I wanted to see how an IPL machine works and if it’s actually effective. So, I picked up the new Venus Silk-expert 3 powered by Braun and decided to give it a try. The holiday season is always crazy busy and finding a long-lasting hair removal solution to keep me hair-free and ready for whatever holiday outfit I have planned is a must.

Having had laser hair removal in other areas of my body, I wanted to compare this IPL device’s results to my results from the professional laser treatments at the spa. To my surprise, I got pretty similar quality results but I did have to use the Venus Silk-expert 3 more frequently at the beginning. To start seeing results, it takes about 8-12 weekly sessions but having the ability to do it in the comfort of my own home and not have some stranger “all up in my business” was well worth it not to mention way more cost effective than the price tags of salon hair removal sessions.


The Venus Silk–expert 3 is so easy to use! I just plugged it in and started the process. The SensoAdapt feature was really helpful because it detects the tone of my skin for safe and effective treatments. When the two sensors touch skin, the light panels on the sides of the device light up letting you know it’s ready to work. Then, pressing the big button in the middle, you see a brief flash of red light and all that’s left is to slide up to the next patch of skin. SO EASY!! It works great for big areas like legs and arms or smaller targeted areas like the chin or upper lip area. You can also alternate between Normal and Gentle settings to ensure your comfort with the process. Although, I used it in the Normal setting and didn’t experience any discomfort.

I couldn’t believe the ease and convenience! Now it’s a staple in my suitcase. No more shaving or waiting for spa appointments because I can achieve the same long-lasting results anywhere I am whether at home or in a hotel. It’s the smoothest solution for permanent hair reduction that fits in well with my busy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend picking up the Venus Silk Expert from Amazon and giving it a try. However, I do want to address that it works best on light to medium skin tones with hair ranging from natural blonde to black. IPL and laser hair removal, in general, is not suitable for everyone, so if you do not fit into those categories, you may not see the best results.

But if you are looking for an easy and convenient solution to achieve long-lasting smooth skin, then give IPL a try. Even better, the Venus Silk-expert 3 provides full body treatments for up to 12 years. Talk about a great investment! Plus it’s great for holiday gifting for yourself or the beauty-obsessed woman in your life. So if you are at a loss for what to get the “woman who has everything” in your life or just need a cool new gift idea, head to Amazon and get the Venus Silk-expert 3.




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