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  1. Fizzel says

    Thanks! So my problem is that I’m a huge introvert, and after my girlfriend and I broke up its been extremely difficult to meet new people (since finishing college). However I’m super outgoing, love meeting and engaging people in meaningful conversations. I also feel the best relationships come friendships, they really are! But how do I as an introvert meet someone that could become my best friend the way my ex was? I feel like most girls want that flashy, “manly man” of a guy that expresses himself all over social media about how great he is, whereas that’s never been my type; I’d rather want someone to talk and get to know me because (well, I think I’m pretty fascinating, just like you!) but it feels as though woman these days prefer I market myself on social media so that they can make a decision about me (I guess it’s more efficient than taking the time to get to know someone.) My philosophy has always been to take the time to get to know someone anyway, because you never know, they might just be a really good friend! Do you have any thoughts about this? Thank you!

  2. Kindness says

    Hey. I guess you’re right there. Can I ask you something? You think it’s possible for a girl, to have a lot of male friends? Also when they are in a relationship. What are your opinions?

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