How to dress up large bare walls

I’ve been dealing with decorating my LA apartment for a few months now. Part of the problem is contently get bored and decide to change everything around. Its a never ending cycle of me getting an idea and buying all the stuff and putting it all together, only to think of something better two weeks later and have to switch everything around. I don’t really believe in astrology and signs but many people have to me it’s because I’m a gemini. Apparently, gemini’s have dual personalities and are never truly satisfied. Im actually giggling writing that but hey, maybe theres some truth to it or else I would have fconvinced my dad to repaint my childhood home every couple years.

It’s been my mission the last month to figure out what I want to do with the wall behind my sofa. I decided to paint my walls a light grey but still want to add something else so its not so bare. I started doing research and came across some great ideas that I thought I would share with you all.


Wallpaper: This is an obvious choice but there are so many great choices out there, I was seriously considering wallpaper instead of paint




Reclaimed wood paneling: This was a personal favorite because I love nature and the woods but I don’t live alone and don’t think the roomie would appreciate it much54c90eb16eafa_-_hillary-swank-manhattan-apartment-03-lgngallery-1442526541-09-dining-room

Adding an oversized photograph: a bold statement, if you have the right piece.


A bookcase or book shelves: Problem is, many people have e-books now and you would have to go invest in books you like. If you already have a big collection of books, then this might be an easy project.


Hang multiple photos in a random or organized pattern. They can be family photos or just favorites that inspire you.


 Upholstery panels: I think this is more a bedroom or movie theater thing but it might work in a living room or dining room if you pick the right materials.



Break up an oversized photograph: I really like this idea because you can blow up a favorite picture of yours and create some interest with the spacing out of the frames.


A mirrored pattern: This is a great alternative to hanging one big mirror. Its more interesting and it makes the room look bigger.



Do a glossy paint and accessorize the wall with smaller items.


DIY: This is always an option if you are creative and a little handy. There are so many ideas from framing wrapping paper to framing your shower curtain. I know it sounds weird, but it looks kind of cool.



I’m hoping to paint soon and figure out a plan soon because the blank walls are driving me crazy. I’ll keep you guys posted!


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