Cure nail polish boredom with this modern manicure salon

How many times have you gone to a nail salon, and stared blankly at the wall of polish colors? If you’ve ever felt decision fatigue, surely it’s been at a nail salon. Unfortunately, even after sampling one blue, one purple, one red and one green on different nails before telling the girl which one you’d like to commit to for the next few weeks, it’s likely you still didn’t feel totally satisfied when you left the salon. At best, maybe you felt bored, wishing for something different and left with an “eh, I’ll try again next time”. Have you ever wanted to mix things up, but just didn’t know quite how?

The saving grace for my manicure stalemates came with Paintbox, the cleverly innovative nail studio in New York.  Take a glance at their website and you are treated with a menu of different trendy, classy and fun nail color options. None of which will leave you bored. With Paintbox, you still may feel a bit of decision fatigue, but it’ll be because all are just so good to resist. One thing’s for sure, you won’t leave feeling bored. You might, however, spend the next few weeks staring at them and looking forward to what design you’ll try next.


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