Inscape: Guided Meditation at your fingertips

From the moment you open your Inscape app, you’ll be lead to ultimate relaxation. Your guided meditation session begins by reminding you to breathe, it even leads you with beautiful calming graphics on how long to hold your breath and when to let go; a simple step that can make all the difference in mediation. With soothing, calming graphics and sounds, this app lets you fall into a peaceful state almost instantly. You’ll forget you’re even using a phone entirely!


Meditation has long been used for generations as a way to promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and wellness. Having a relationship in which you care for yourself is so important, it affects everything in your life. In my life, I have noticed that when I meditate on good, true, positive things in life, I feel more at peace, and so do those around me.

Meditation has improved my relationships with others, with work, and with myself. I believe that if meditation is done correctly, it can work for you, too. With Inscape, you are guided in your meditation, so there is no question of duration, content, or worry about what to do next. Inscape gently guides you through a relaxing, refreshing and encouraging session, leaving you feeling bliss every time.

My favorite times to meditate are in the morning before I start my day. I even consider meditation an integral part of my beauty routine because that peaceful, happy look is always in style! Not to mention, it helps me be more productive in my work, and deal with any upcoming stressors with much more calmness and ease. I also like using the Inscape app  in the afternoon when I need to be refreshed and revved up, and in the evening to have a better night sleep. Meditation can help you in virtually every area of your life, and Inscape allows you to customize your experience, allowing you to meditate in a convenient, simple and effective way.

Here’s the best part!!!

Because I believe that beauty starts from within, I believe it’s important for everyone to meditate. That’s why I’m so excited to announce INSCAPE is hosting a giveaway!!! Winners will receive: 

  • Grand Prize – 1 year subscription to the INSCAPE app ($89.99 value)+ a $500 value gift bag of amazing health and wellness products from INSCAPE‘s studio.
  • 10 runner ups – 6 month subscription to the INSCAPE app ($12,99 p/m value)
  • All entries – 2 week free subscription to the INSCAPE app

*Drawing will take place the first week of January.In order to be eligible to win, all actions must be completed and you must follow @INSCAPE on Instagram.

 Enter the giveaway here:
Inscape: Meditation for Today

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