Kombucha- What it is, Why is it Healthy & How to Make Your Own

Kombucha: What it is

Kombucha is a fermented, naturally carbonated, lightly flavored and lightly sweetened probiotic tea drink that is commonly intended for many functional healthy benefits, and is praised for its satisfying and unique flavor. Kombucha originated in China, and has been consumed for thousands of years. It has experienced massive growth in popularity in the recent decade by many brands such as Health-Ade and GT’s Kombucha and can be found at most grocery and health food stores.



Why it is Healthy:

Whether you buy from one of these brands one of their many varieties of flavors, or make your won, Kombucha has many necessary health benefits. Below are many of the identified health benefits of drinking Kombucha:

  • Promotes digestion
  • Natural Energy Source
  • Immune Support
  • Cancer Prevention (Destroys free-radicals that cause cancer)
  • Weight-Loss
  • Detoxification (liver, gut, skin, etc.)
  • Probiotics (healthy bacteria your body needs)
  • Balances your internal pH to Alkalize the body
  • Increase metabolism
  • Can help rebuild connective tissue and reduce joint pain and leaky gut
  • Headaches and migraine relief
  • Reduce kidney stones
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in polyphenols
  • Help clear up candida & yeast infections
  • Aid healthy cell regeneration
  • Lower glucose levels and reduce blood pressure
  • Much more!

I personally drink Kombucha after a meal, or in between meals not only because I enjoy the flavor, but because of the satisfying and appetite curbing effects. It is a great drink to add to my diet to aid in degstion, help me feel more full and satisfied and to curb my appetite.

How To Make It:

What you need:

  • Black Tea (Green tea is also commonly used, this is preference. However, black tea allows for the flavor to be more taken over by the fruit or other flavors added)
  • Spring Water
  • SCOBY (SCOBY is an acronym for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. AKA, a beneficial bacteria and yeast that work together to create a specific ferment)
  • Strawberries (This is for flavor, and may be changed to your flavor preference)
  • Raw Sugar
  • ½ gallon Mason jar (Reuse an old Kombucha bottle, or use your own with swing caps. The carbonation is so strong, that the Kombucha can break many different glass jars) 
  • Blender

There are starter kits available at your local organic health food stores such as Whole Foods that provide the SCOBY and other needed items. 



Step 1:

Brew 5 tea bags for every ½ gallon of Kombucha

Add ½ cup Raw sugar for every half gallon

Let tea cool to room temperature

Add SCOBY, and cover jar of tea with a thin cloth

Depending on where you live and depending on how big the SCOBY is will dictate how much time is required for the fermentation process. If you are in Los Angeles, once the SCOBY is healthy, it will only take 1 week to ferment.


Step 2:

After one week of allowing the tea to ferment, check the flavor to ensure it is a non-sugary and Kombucha flavor. This is all up to your judgment and flavor preference.Separate the

Separate the SCOBY from the liquid and ad d one cup of fresh Kombucha and 4 strawberries into the blender and blend. Add the blended strawberries back into the main Kombucha jar. (Because kombucha is a carbonated beverage, do not blend the entire jar of Kombucha, just the 1 cup for the strawberry addition.)


Step 3:

Let second fermentation process begins after Kombucha is in the individual glass bottles, which is approximately 4-5 days. Be sure to open the Kombucha outside, just in case the fermentation is too strong.

After the first time, you will learn what may be needed or adjust to your recupe. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it, try different flavors and different tea options.



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