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I first heard of Fabletics during a commercial break on TV. I know what you’re thinking, “who watches commercials anymore?” Apparently very few people but the point still stands. I normally am scrolling through my phone during commercials but I hear Kate Hudson and as I am a big fan I looked up. I found out she is the co-founder of this brand and also helps designs the clothes. I was immediately curious as I am always in active wear and I always like to know about new brands in the market. So when ShopShare Network offered me the opportunity to do a Fabletics review, I jumped at the chance.


I went online to sign up for their VIP membership and was immediately impressed with the outfit choices. When you sign up you take a quick quiz about your personal style and what’s important to you then you are ready to shop! Every month they have a whole new collection to choose from, and if nothing tickles your fancy then you can choose to skip that month by the 5th.


When I ordered my first outfit (Sirena Pullover and Seabert Capri) I received the package very quickly! Not to mention it was packaged super cute! You can tell a lot about online companies and the quality of their stuff by their packaging and I wasn’t disappointed at all. My pants and top were of great quality. The top was white and mesh on the back yet the white front wasn’t sheer at all so if I wanted to be cheeky and go braless I could. The pants had a four-way stretch which means that they stretch evenly on all sides. That’s really important when it comes to the way they fit someone. Not all of our bodies are ever the same and for that matter, far from perfect. So you want an active pant such as a legging to hug your body without creeping up into any folds or crevices we might have. AND WE ALL HAVE THEM! That day, I was only gonna try them on to see how they fit but as soon as I put them on I decided to spend my day wearing them and see how they hold up. I am happy to report there were no sweat marks on the pants anywhere even if there might have been sweat and the shirt was not itchy in any way and extremely comfortable and stylish. I got three compliments on my shirt while checking out apartments to lease! I just ordered my second outfit and it was so easy! I’m super excited to try them on but I have a feeling I will love them also.


The reason I’m going to continue my membership with Fabletics is because it’s an incredible price point. If you’ve ever bought activewear from other luxury brands you might have found that a bra will be around $35-40 and a pair of leggings over $100. With Fabletics you get an outfit usually containing one-three pieces unless you get more lifestyle clothes like a dress or romper in which case it will be one item. However, if you don’t like the way the outfits are put together then you can shop a la cart and pick individual pieces that best represent your style.


The other standout feature was the FL2 line they just came out with for men. I know I have many male readers so I wanted to share this with you also. There’s nothing sexier than a man confidently wearing active wear that accentuates his best physical features!








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