The Latest Nail Polish Look I’m Loving

No look is complete without a pretty manicure. It’s amazing how much a good set of nails can do for your style. I love this look because it’s simple, yet unique. I don’t want my nails to be the main event, but I certainly don’t want them to be forgotten, either. This nail polish look ties in both.

This nail polish look lets my right and left hand be different, but still have a matching theme. Nails are just another way we get to play around with our style and make a statement. Break some rules, and have fun with it while still making it look good. Plus, you will appear overall more presentable and draw attention to your hands in a fun way when you go for a new nail polish design like this one that I’m loving.

Whether you are someone who always does the same ol’ thing, or someone who likes to experiment with your nails and really goes all out, this look is a must try this season! It’s easy to do at home yourself with classic polish, or at a salon with gel, feel free to show your stylist these pics and have them recreate it, custom for you!

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