Luxy Hair Review

Beautiful, long, healthy hair is something all women dream of. Even when we go through our “chop it all off!” phase, it’s not long before we find ourselves reminiscing about our lengthy locks we once had. Wouldn’t it be magical if we could simply have it all back again? With Luxy hair extensions, you can!  Through a simple process of what seems like magic, your hair can flow long and beautiful again. A good quality pair of hair extensions can make all the difference to get the look you’re going for. Whether it’s length, health, or thickness you need, Luxy’s collections offers so many options to satisfy your hair needs down to the very last strand.

Many hair extensions on the market simply don’t cut it. They can be uncomfortable, protruding and just unnatural looking. Luxy has a classic collection that are seriously the most comfortable extensions you can find… you’ll forget they are even there, and no one else will notice either.

With so many gals rushing to get their fabulous Luxies, Luxy took note of the reviews and made another option for extensions: their seamless collection. If you are just like most of us and could use a new do and a little hair magic, check out these two collections by Luxy to see which one is best for you!

Luxy knows that not all heads of hair are created equal. Everyone has a different look they are going for, and a different starting point to achieve that look. That’s why Luxy created these two different collections for your needs. Both Luxy collections are made with high quality, remy human hair, have virtually no shedding, and are 20 inches long. Yet there are some key design differences that are worth noting to make sure you get the best and most natural extentions to achieve the look you love!

Seamless Collection

If you have medium length hair, and thin to medium thickness, the Seamless collection was made for you! Your hair is already a bit long, but it’s not quite as full, flowing and majestic as you’d like. Your hair also could use a bit of oomph on the thickness side of things, giving your styles more body and contour. If this sounds like you, try the Seamless Luxies.

  • For those with medium Hair
  • For those with thin to medium thickness
  • Thinner at the base
  • Thin silicone base
  • Will barely feel them when clipped in
  • 180 grams

Classic Collection

You have short hair, and are either regretting your decision to chop it off, or have simply never been able to achieve that long thick hair you want. You miss your length and need something long for an event or for daily wear. If this sounds like your hair, then the Luxies Classic collection is for you.

  • For those with short hair
  • Provide volume at the roots
  • Stitched fabric
  • Will barely feel them when clipped in
  • 220 grams


Before Luxy:


After Luxy:



If you’ve been even slightly considering getting hair extensions, I highly recommend Luxy. I’ve tried so many hair products and extensions, and these are easily the simplest to use, the most comfortable to wear, and the most natural looking and beautiful. To join me in getting your own Luxies, just go to this link  and use my coupon code LUXYANDREEA for $5USD off your first purchase.


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