Makeup Maintenance Guide

  1. Clean your brushes regularly

Every 1-2 weeks, you should clean your makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and any other items you may frequently that go from product to your face. If you let someone else borrow your brush or blender (which I don’t recommend), wash it right after.

2. Know when to say goodbye

If you haven’t used gel eyeliner, lipstick or makeup in 3-5 months, it’s time to say goodbye. Your gel or cream based products should be replaced no later than 6 months. Liquid foundation, concealer, and liquid should last no longer than a year. They can start to get stale, or change hue. Powder products such as bronzer, eyeshadow, and blush should be replaced after 2 years.

3. Keep it organized

If you can, have a designated place for you to get ready such as a vanity with good lighting and storage for your skincare, haircare and makeup products. This way, things don’t get lost, misplaced or messy, causing you to take longer than you need to in your morning routine. Keep your brushes in a jar so they are able to air out, and your other products in an organized categories (I.e, keep foundations together in one drawer, eyeshadows together in one basket, and lipstick together in one bowl, etc.) If you travel often or like to have your makeup with you to touch up during the day or night out, it’s a good idea to have a small travel bag with sample sized products of your favorites that will fit nicely in your purse.

4. Keep track of your inventory

There’s nothing worse than trying to get ready for a big meeting or exciting date and then realizing you’re all out of foundation or mascara! It’s a good idea to have a backup, for situations like this, but usually, if we have our favorite liner or lip color, we want to have it at all times. Make sure you are keeping track of what products you are running low on and estimate how much longer it will last. It’s a good idea to order online so you can have your favorites shipped to your place, so you don’t have to worry about running out of those products you just can’t leave the house without.


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