My 4 Favorite Self-Tanners to Keep Your Summer Glow Going Year-Round

Summer is great for laying out by the pool and getting some healthy color, but as the temperature starts to drop, the cold can be too much to bear. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your tan just because it’s too cold to sun-bathe! If you’ve tried self-tanner before, then you know that the paler you are, the more orange you’ll be when it’s done processing. And you’re probably familiar with that distinctive smell and the uneven application on your knees and elbows.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a total pro at this point, finding a good self-tanner can be overwhelming. There are so many products on the market and they all promise different things. I’ve tried so many in my day and I’ve narrowed it down to my four favorites that will help you maintain your tan well into Winter. 

Elle Effect

If the smell is a big turn off from most self-tanners, then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This product literally smells like bathing in a million roses. The kit even comes with a mitt for flawless application, as well as a sheet of the cutest little stickers. It has a foolproof buildable mousse formula that makes the process simple and sweet-smelling.

Three Warriors

This company offers an array of products to help you master sun-less tanning. You can start with one of their body scrubs to exfoliate dead skin and ensure an even tan application. They have a gradual tan lotion or a self-tan mousse so you can pick whatever you’re most comfortable with. They have a facial mist as well so you can glow all over. 


If you don’t wanna add any extra steps to your routine or you don’t want any fragrance at all, these drops will change your life. They come in light, medium, and dark and you can just add a few drops to your moisturizer or body lotion. These are my go-to for my face tan and I love how easy this is to use whenever you want a little extra color.

Bondi Sands

This well-known company is my personal favorite when I want a deep tan. They have tons of different products and formulas from foam to body milk to mist. Beware that the dark and ultra-dark ones are no joke! You’ll end up many shades darker than you started. They also sell single-day tan products for events and a back applicator for the hard to reach areas.

Whether you just got back from a tropical week-long vacation in Hawaii or you just want to look like you did, these products will help you create a beautiful glowing tan that you can rock even in the coldest months. Say goodbye to harmful tanning beds and orangey spray tans that can be costly to maintain and finally achieve the healthy color you’ve always wanted from the comfort of your own home.

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