My Camping Must Haves

So today I was missing the woods as I usually do at least one a month. I crave being away from the city, the noise and the people, in the middle of nature surrounded by nothing more than the ruffling of leaves and the sounds of the animals that live there. I actually thought about going camping for thanksgiving instead of the usual festivities but most of the places close by are pretty cold at night and my camping gear is not set up for low temperatures. So I will have to wait a couple months before camping in Cali but today did make me take out my camping gear so I thought I would show you guys my must have staples.

Here they are! My camping essentials!


  1. I’ll start with the tent. I bought this off of for a couple hundred bucks. It’s a pop up tent that sets up and packs up in a couple minutes. I hate having to spend an hour setting up my tent so this was a must have when I saw it. It’s super light weight and packs into that circle pack so you can wear as a backpack. If you like to camp at music festivals it’s very good for that as well although crowds are not my first choice. You can also buy solar powered accessories for the tent so you can charge your phone. Pretty cool I think!image
  2. My Hobo Hammock is my other must have! It’s a double hammock so when I find a man I can cuddle up with him in that! I like to support companies that try and do a little extra besides selling merchandise and this company isn’t any different. For every item purchased this company will feed a homeless person. When I read that, I had to get one!image
  3. My Klear (no I didn’t spell that wrong) water bottle is another one that goes with my everywhere, not just on camping trips! It keeps cold drinks cool drinks cool for over 24 hours and hot drinks hot for over 12 hours. Who wouldn’t find that useful? The bottle design is double walled and they use BPA free stainless steel as well if that’s not enough, they give you a lifetime guarantee because they are that confident in their product! I’ve never returned mine and I don’t know anyone that has but I’m sure there’s a grouchy pants out there that will.image
  4. Sackcloth & Ashes outdoor blanket is actually something I usually keep in my trunk for when I end up on the beach or on a hike. It’s super tick and great for laying down outdoors. I also love that this company will give a blanket to the local homeless shelter for every blanket purchased. I originally saw this in a picture on Instagram and as I do most of my shopping online I had to get it because I absolutely loved the look and colors they had. They also have great indoor ones if your not the outdoorsy type but then again you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post.                                                        image

Now one let’s talk about some clothing brands that I like for the outdoors.

  1. Prana is an amazing company that really cares for the environment. When I discovered their stuff I quickly bought less of the lulu lemon and more of theirs. The quality is excellent and they are very committed to human kind and the environment. They are part of the fair trade and labor association, so you can rest assured no sweatshop child has made your clothing! They also partnered up with Canopy, an environmental non-profit, to eliminate any wood fibers from endangered, ancient forest regions in fabrics like Rayon, Modal,and Lyocell. You know how much I love trees and when I read that it warmed by heart. I actually got to meet the corporate team recently at their new Manhattan Beach store opening and I am a bigger fan of the brand but more so of they great people that run that company.image
  2. Ten Tree is another company I started working with recently and I actually reach out to them misled when I read they plant ten trees for every item sold. That’s some dedication and I dig it!! I hope to be able to go on one of their tree planting missions as its been on my bucket list for some time. But back to their clothes… Their tees are super soft and they have some great hoodies!                                                                                           image

I liked to all the websites and I hope you have time to check them out and read Lee about these cool products. They are not mainstream and that’s what I love about them. Someone with a passion for nature and people set a goal and went for it and I will always give my full support to that.

If you all are aware of cool brands that look after the environment please comment their name in the comment section because I would love to check them out.

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    November 23, 2015 at 6:35 pm

    Thank You! It was great finally meeting you also and we sincerely appreciate your support! ❤️

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    November 27, 2015 at 11:39 pm

    I need to convert you into swell water bottles! they do the same but looks so much better! they give back to unicef and eco friendly! search it up. i have like 4 colors now!

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