My Top 10-Fall Must-Haves

I have to be honest, as much as I like summer with its endless beach days, I am ready for fall to get here. I miss the changing of the leaves and the smell of the spices that are freshly available in the fall. I miss wearing cozy cashmere sweaters, scarves, jackets, and boots. For the fashion-challenged, layering can still make you look like you know what your doing when you really don’t. I love sleeping with a comforter whether it’s summer or winter but I hate having to run the A/C on 60 °F and freeze out my roommate just because I need to sleep tucked into a comforter. Maybe I should find a man to cozy up to but in the mean time the comforter and the boyfriend pillow will do just fine. I’m just kidding about the boyfriend pillow! Maybe.

There are certain items I just can’t go without in the fall and thought I would share with you all.

  1. My Boda Skins Kay Michael’s Quilted Biker Jacketm-qb-bo_1_1024x1024_7
  2. My Jacob Over The Knee brown Sam Edelman bootswomens-sam-edelman-jacob-over-the-knee-boot-espresso-bean-465943_366_rt
  3. My fedora hats ( yes plural because I have them in every color)
  4. My purple plaid long-sleeve button-up shirt
  5. Rain boots (I can hope for rain in LA right?)rain-boots-wellies-roundup-5
  6. My Giorgio Armani lipstick in dark burgundy
  7. My favorite oversized sweater from Vince I bought 5 years ago in their Malibu store
  8. Currently looking for that perfect mahogany satchel because my current one is falling apart
  9. My long black yoga pants that you can pair with anything
  10. My extra baggy T-shirt that can be a shirt or a dress when paired with some leggings


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