New in Makeup: Why I’m Loving Fenty Beauty

New brands and makeup lines are coming out with things constantly. So often, in fact, it can be hard to keep up! For someone like me who tries a lot of products, there are so many that I love and swear by. Yet it’s rare to find a brand that struck my attention like Fenty beauty does. Here’s why I’m loving fenty beauty:

1. Rihanna made it

If that’s not reason enough to get your head turning, I don’t know what will. Rihanna is a powerhouse idol for women who strive to be strong, and proud of their uniqueness. Dominating pop culture, and coming with an incredible story of her own for embracing beauty and overcoming hardship, anything Rihanna comes out with is going to strike my attention. Rihanna made a bold goal for herself to make a line that was all inclusive, she definitely put her own pride, confidence, and personal goals in this line, and it shows.

2. Foundation options for all

Can you name anything more frustrating in the makeup world than not having a foundation that matches your natural color? I can’t. Foundation is the basis for all the other fun blushes, bronzers, and eyeshadows that we apply, if your foundation is not matching your face, it can be pretty impossible to get a totally natural look that suits you. Every skin type, color, pigment, and shade is beautiful. Every. Single. One. So all deserve to have a foundation that matches it spot on. Fenty beauty gets this, and they incorporated this belief into Fenty beauty line. In fact, its one of the main reasons it was created in the first place. If you’ve struggled to find your perfect shade, odds are, Fenty beauty has one for you.

Pro Filt’r 140 is my foundation match!

3. The line is very versatile

One of the things I love about Fenty beauty is how versatile the products are. Most of the products can be used for multiple uses. Fun, vibrant, bold lipsticks, cheek colors, and eyeshadows are highly pigmented and can be used on multiple areas of of your face. This is so convenient, especially on those nights when you want to touch up your cheeks and your lips without carrying too many products in your bag.

4. It’s all inclusive

The product line is good quality, fairly priced, comes in beautiful packaging, and includes 40 shades of foundation, yes 40 shades for all skin types and 20 shades of matchsticks. There’s something for everyone. The makeup itself is pretty foolproof, it’s easy to apply and goes on smooth. No fancy application or brushed required (although, her brushed are impressive quality, too). Overall, Rihanna did an amazing job with this makeup line and I’m loving it.

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