Obsessing over Sweetened Nut Milks

I’m sorta obsessed with nut milks. All of them, but especially the sweetened ones from the juice shops. I don’t drink enough water and while this isn’t a substitute for plain water, there is a lot of water in a nut milk. They’re also a great substitute for a less healthy dessert.

My two favorites are from Pressed Juicery. They are the Vanilla Almond (Almonds, Dates, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean) and Chocolate Almond (Almonds, Cacao, Dates, Filtered Water, Sea Salt) They both taste like delicious creamy milk shakes with less than half the calories. I like Pressed because (this sounds really OCD) I like their neutral colored packaging and how they look in my fridge. The bottles are square so they line up nicely. They’re also a lot cheaper than the other juice stores, BUT I realized after a year of being a diehard loyal fan that they aren’t organic. Sobs. I do still have a sore spot for them. I always make the Pressed at The Cooper Building in downtown LA my last stop before driving back to Las Vegas. They have a happy hour after 3pm and I think they are 4 for $20 which is an amazing deal because they’re usually $5.50 or more, which is still pretty cheap compared to the other juice shops. I’ll drink half of them on the drive back and stop every few exits to pee. The ones that make it back don’t last long either. They have a little lunch box cooler and ice pack (also square and neutrally colored) they’ll give you for a few extra bucks that will last the drive home. https://www.pressedjuicery.com/products/juices

Another favorite is Blue Print’s “Cashew, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Agave” which you can find at Whole Foods or order directly from them them at www.blueprint.com/ This one is organic and it’s absolutely divine. These bottles are also square, but they’re blue, not black and white like Pressed Juicery.

The nut milks at the juice places are usually more than a fruit and veggie juice. Sometimes I’m not feeling like spending $12 on a beverage, especially when there’s no alcohol in it, so I’ll make them at home. Here’s my favorite recipe. It’s the same ingredients in the Blue Print one. It tastes the same for less than half the price.

Add these ingridents to your favorite blender and blend until smooth. Mmmmm

12 oz filtered water
1 Table Spoon Agave
1 Tea Spoon Vanilla Extract
3 oz Raw Unsalted Cashews
1 Tea Spoon Cinnamon

You don’t need any special blender for this, but I do think having a good blender is important because it makes for a smoother drink. I can’t say how much I loveeeeee my extravagantly priced Vitamix blender. It can almost turn diamonds into diamond dust. I’m not crushing any diamonds, but I do use my Vitamix to blend up nuts, chocolate, frozen fruit and other hard foods. It handles them really well and makes a chunk free drink. I have the G-Series. Check it out here: https://www.vitamix.com/Shop/G-Series.


WRITTEN BY: ZOE (Instagram: @zoeabel)



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